Today, college admissions are unprecedentedly competitive. While this means that students everywhere are receiving increasingly excellent educations, it also obviously means that top-tier programs have become more exclusive and difficult to get into. Boosting your standardized admissions test scores is a great way to improve your chances at gaining entry to the University of your choice, and having a seasoned professional guide your efforts is an invaluable step towards achieving your target score.


The SAT is the most widely taken standardized college admissions test.  The score that a student receives on the SAT can account for a significant portion of college admissions’ consideration, although the exact amount varies widely. Composed of Critical Reading, Writing, and Math sections, the SAT is intended to measure a student’s literacy, numeracy, and writing skills, but in fact there are many tricks, techniques, and shortcuts that can be learned and practiced in preparation for the test.

Many tutoring companies use one single method of instruction for facing the SAT, but San Francisco Elite Tutors encourages a different approach for each student. Often times there are numerous ways of solving a particular problem, but there is only one best way for you. Find a tutor who can work with your own personal strengths and weaknesses to come up with a plan for conquering this test.


The ACT is now also universally accepted by American universities for undergraduate admissions, and represents a similar but slightly different challenge than the SAT.  In addition to English, Math, and Reading sections, the tests also includes a Science section and an Optional Writing Prompt, to which students react variably. We recommend that a student practice both tests, so that he or she can take and submit the score that most benefits them.  Although the complex questions on the ACT present unique and sometimes unforeseen challenges, with practice and guidance it is possible to master techniques necessary to make significant score improvements.


Top scores in SAT II Subject Tests can help bolster your college application, and many schools now require at least two in order to apply. SFET tutors are all experts in their fields who can help you master various topics and give your application that extra boost it needs to expand your options.


The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is similar in content to the SAT, but it also gives students the chance to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship. If a student is able to score highly enough on the exam, he or she becomes eligible to apply for a number of $2500 scholarships awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Although not generally regarded as significant as the SAT itself, the PSAT is nonetheless a promising chance for a student to obtain both an impressive scholarship and a cash reward for achievement.  Like the SAT, the content on the PSAT is considered very tricky, but also learnable; having a tutor experienced in teaching the very best techniques available for conquering the exam can give you a better chance at qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship, in addition to giving you more advance practice in preparation for the SAT.