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March SAT Scores Available Online Starting Thursday, April 1

For those of you who took the March SAT this year: Scores will be available for online access beginning this Thursday, April 1st! To check your score simply go the College Board’s website, log in and find out!

May 1st SAT Registration Deadline This Wednesday!

Just a reminder to all of you SAT students getting ready for the May 1 SAT. If you have not yet registered, do so immediately! The deadline for the May 1 SAT is this Wednesday, March 31. To register click here and you will be redirected to the registration page on the College Board’s website.

Should I Take the SAT or the ACT?

While a limited number of schools only accept one exam or the other, a majority now accept both, so students are free to decide which exam they would like to submit as their representative undergraduate admissions exam. Generally we advise a fairly simple approach to deciding which exam to take: Simply submit whichever test benefits [...]

When Should I Take The SAT or ACT? How Many Times Should I Take The SAT or ACT?

For most students, we recommend taking the SAT or ACT in the spring of your junior year (either March, May, or June), and possibly taking it again in the fall of your senior year (October, November, or December). Although most students who prepare for their first exam do not significantly improve on a second try, [...]

2010 SAT Test Dates

January 23, 2010 SAT and Subject Tests Regular Registration Closes December 15, 2009 Late Registration Closes December 30, 2009 March 13, 2010 SAT only Regular Registration Closes February 4, 2010 Late Registration Closes February 18, 2010 May 1, 2010 SAT and Subject Tests Regular Registration Closes March 25, 2010 Late Registration Closes April 8, 2010 [...]