Academic Subject Tutoring


San Francisco Elite Tutors has a multitude of scientific subject tutors available for instruction, many of whom have graduate degrees (MA, MS, PhD) from some of the best graduate schools in the world in their academic disciplines. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Environmental Science are some of the subjects in which our instructors are educated; in addition to improving grades in school a proper tutor can also foster your or your student’s passion for the sciences and help to explore the possibilities of continuing study of these disciplines in the future.


While some students are fortunate to have been born with a natural affinity for technical study, others are not as lucky. Whether you are trying to change your A into an A+ in your AP Calculus BC class or simply attempting to get through Elementary Geometry unscathed, having an experienced instructor who can assist you personally and make the material more fun and manageable is invaluable.


English, Grammar, Literature, Shakespeare, Writing, History, and Philosophy are all subjects in which SFET also currently specializes. In fact, many of our instructors additionally pursue their academic passions professionally, writing and editing for various publications as well. We pride ourselves in being able to handle requests as diverse as preparing for an AP European History exam or facilitating the development of college admissions personal statement essays.